Cement is a binding material that is used to bind sand and aggregate for the construction of various structures. When cement is mixed with sand and aggregate, it forms “Concrete” and when it is mixed with only sand then it forms “Mortar.”

Cements that are used for the construction purpose are lime or calcium silicate based and are inorganic. Cements are basically divided into two types i.e. hydraulic or Non-hydraulic type.

Hydraulic Cement: This cement  set when mixed with water.

Non-Hydraulic Cement: This cement does not set when mixed with water, instead set when reacted with carbon dioxide present in air.

There are different grades of Cements which are detailed as under:

  1. Ordinary Portland Cement Grade 33
  2. Ordinary Portland Cement Grade 43
  3. Ordinary Portland Cement Grade 53
  4. Portland Pozzolana Cement (calcined clay based)
  5. Portland Pozzolana Cement (fly ash based)
  6. Rapid Hardening Portland Cement
  7. Portland Slag Cement
  8. Sulphate resisting Portland Cement
  9. Hydrophobic Cement

Low Heat Portland Cement

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