Terms and Condition

Welcome to Course Creel terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are between Krishna’s online lectures and you. We request you to please read these terms and privacy policies carefully. The terms and policies are available at our website for your reference to make understand how we are dealing with the information provided by users. Every users need to accept these terms and conditions whenever they visit our website.

About Course Creel

The domain name and website are owned, registered and operated by Course Creel, a private company incorporated under the companies act  and having its registered office at City Centre Gwalior (MP) India

About Platform

These terms and conditions applies on every user of Course Creel including the Faculties who are also contributing in user content on our platform. Our platform include all aspects of website, software’s and service offered via Krishna’s online lectures E-learning platform.

Course Creel is an online platform which supports and provide educational videos and courses to users and also act as an intermediary between tutors and learners. A user and tutors can run their  courses and educational videos and tutorial on our platform, so you need to agree and acknowledge that Course Creel has no control over and no responsibility for user content. We are not responsible for any issue and liabilities arising from user content. Course creel will not and cannot edit the content of tutors.

We are is not responsible for content, privacy policies or practice of any third part website which is associated with us. Course Creel will not and cannot edit the content of any third party site.

About Product and Services

Course Creel provide lifetime subscription that offer and helps to discover enriched educational content in the form of pre-recorded courses by top educators from the field of your interest.  Subscription charges for each course will be variable and course fee will be decided by the our company only. Learners can access the pre recorded course content for lifetime after subscribing the course from the subscription category. The content is personalised and featured as the part of subscription in the related category. We are trying our best to improve subscription policies and plans to improve your subscription experience.

As there is no time limitation for users or subscription of course is for lifetime so users cannot download the video. Users can only access pre-recorded lessons from our platform.

Subscription/Payment of course : A user or learner can access the pre-recorded courses from the course category of their interest after buying the course. Users need to pay in advanced for the course subscription, there is no trial will be offered by company.

Once you buy or subscribed any course from the category of your interest, you cannot change or cancel your subscription plan. Once you make required payment, it shall be termed as final. There will not be any change or modification in payment terms and neither would be any form of refund.

Licence for educational content : Subject to payment of subscription fee and your compliance with all terms of this agreement, Course Creel and educators grant you a non exclusive, non transferable, non-sublicensable, limited licence for the given time period to access and view pre-recorded courses of educational content in accordance with the terms of agreement for personal, non commercial and private use only. Users are not allowed to use content involved in courses for commercial or illegal purpose.

General Restriction :

1. You cannot copy and transfer the course content which you have subscribed.

2. You cannot sell, lease, rent and distribute the educational content.

3. You may not modify, disable, bypass any digital right management or other content protection system used as the part of subscription of course or buying policies.    

Subscription Modification

Course Creel reserves all the rights to make change in subscription policies like we can modify, change and discontinue the subscription service any time without any prior notice(except as required by the applicable law). Course Creel has no liability towards the users if the educational content is impacted by the change in subscription policies.

Policy Changes for Educators

Course Creel reserves all the rights to make change in contract and payment policies of educators like we can modify, change and discontinue the services any time without any prior notice(except as required by the applicable law). Course Creel has no liability towards the educators if the sell of educational courses is impacted by the changes in company policies.

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